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Is an educational platform for seafarers that provides practical knowledge on various aspects of the maritime profession. With years of experience from seafarer speakers, information not found in textbooks is presented through effective online courses and training programs. Over 80 ready-made courses cater to the needs of junior and senior officers, as well as crew members, taking into account the specificities of different types of vessels and preparing individuals for real-life work situations, fostering career advancement.


The maritime channel and video blog "Magellan Seaman." My name is Denis Papulov, and I am a navigation officer. I publish educational and other interesting content about working at sea, explaining complex concepts in simple language. With over 10 years of teaching experience at a maritime university and simulator center, I have completed my postgraduate studies and currently work on Crude Oil / Product tankers.


Is a project founded by Dima and Oleg, experienced marine engineers. Our aim is to support and empower maritime engineers and electricians on Gas Tankers field. Through our Telegram channel and dedicated learning platforms, we provide valuable resources, high-quality training and support.
Our Telegram channel serves as a hub for sharing relevant information, industry news, technological advancements, and innovations related to LNG/LPG. We strive to enhance engineers' awareness of the latest trends and challenges associated with LNG/LPG.
In addition to the channel, Pro_LNG offers comprehensive courses on our learning platform. These courses are designed to educate and prepare professionals in marine engineering for the specific demands of working with LNG/LPG.


Key4mate is precisely where and when it's needed. Let our assistance be felt only by you, even without seeing the complete picture. Each and every one of you is the primary catalyst for which the entire Key4mate project team creates unique content that helps you confidently advance on your career path and become a top-notch navigator. We create for you, and we truly enjoy it.


My name is Evgeny Bogachenko. I am a navigator, author, and project manager of Key4mate and beMPC.
The main goal of the project is to help navigators prepare for their profession and support them with guidance during their work.
Creating the first video tutorial, I wanted to advocate for the necessity of changing approaches to the preparation of young professionals. Video tutorials that systematize all the knowledge acquired from various sources seemed to me a modern and obvious solution.
beMPC is an internet resource with desktop and mobile versions for searching answers to questions, acquiring and exchanging knowledge.


I provide free education on my YouTube channel through video tutorials. I am a maritime college instructor and a seafarer with experience working on a sea vessel. On the channel, you can learn for free about the principles and practical usage of GMDSS equipment, radio navigation devices, firefighting equipment, life-saving appliances, alarm schedules, the rules of COLREG-72, ship-to-ship encounters at sea, equipment tests and checks, navigational watchkeeping, checklists, conventions, codes of maritime safety, search and rescue at sea, duties of cadets, Able Seamen (AB), Third Officer (3/O), Second Officer (2/O), Chief Officer (C/O), etc.



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